Fake Mold Sandwich Bags Gag Gift

Fake Mold Sandwich Bags Gag Gift

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Product Description

We Mail Your Target a Hilariously Labeled Package to Make Them Cringe. Great Gag Gift & Practical Joke. Guaranteed to Mortify & Offend!

Keep your lunch safe or amuse friends and co-workers with this 40-pack of moldy looking sandwich bags!

Your positively putrid panini in the fridge isn't actually covered in mold, but only YOU know that! The only thing spoiled is your roommate's plot to steal your lunch! Even if sandwich theft doesn't run rampant in your office, this is still a funny prank for work or school. Imagine the looks on your classmates' faces when you bite into a "moldy" sandwich! The only enemy of a fake mold sandwich is an overzealous janitor cleaning out the fridge! These are a great gag gift under $10 for white elephant exchanges or friends who like to gross people out!

What is that green stuff on these anti-theft sandwich bags? Is it safe to put my food in?
Yes, pack your lunch with double confidence! These zipper sandwich bags are totally food-safe and just have a moldy-looking graphic printed on the outside that never touches your food. It's just like the branding printed on regular sandwich bags, except ours will deliver hilarious lunchtime entertainment when your friends or co-workers think there's stuff growing on your snack!

Do these moldy looking sandwich bags have a freshness seal?
Absolutely! Just because your meal LOOKS disgusting to those who aren't in on the practical joke doesn't mean it should TASTE gross. The tops of these bags zip to lock in freshness.

Are these disposable plastic bags or can I reuse them?
These zipper sandwich lunch bags can be rinsed and reused so the disgusting prank lunches can go on and on ad nauseum. Unless you're too lazy to wash them out - you can always chuck those and order some more!

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