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Bad Parking Revenge Cards

Remember that time that selfish prick took up three spots at Costco, but you couldn't do anything because you were on parole for shooting that dude who blocked you in at work? Me neither... but regardless, you finally have a murder-free solution to get back at the bad parkers of the world!

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No, we did not pay someone to Photoshop "I Heart Penis" stickers onto a stock photo... that's... uhh... just the way it came. Spread a little mischief and mayhem with our value packs of prank stickers and practical jokes guaranteed to both offend and amuse.

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This seriously is the best prank ever! I'm sure the mail lady loved the look on my face. I told her I don't think I ordered this and she started laughing. Here I am shaking it and I said to her, yep, definitely not what's in the box 😂 my cousin got me with a good one!!


This idea y’all came up with is brilliant lol I have my packages delivered to my moms house for right now because the hurricane tore our fence down so our dog prevents packages to our home. When my packages go to my moms she “accidentally” opens them all up and today I had medicine droppers mailed to use to fill samples for the Topanga scents I sell and she thought they were needles and calling me frantically lol this is a perfect prank to do :) thank y’all