MicroPenisCure.com Confetti Bomb

MicroPenisCure.com Confetti Bomb

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    Your order comes with a total of 50 cards, 10 copies of each joke.

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We Mail Your Friend a Hilariously Labeled Package that's Loaded with Penis Confetti! 

  • TINY PENISES EVERYWHERE! Our penis confetti will rocket out like it was shot from a cannon. Seriously. You’ve (probably) never seen so many dicks.
  • EMBARRASSMENT + TINY PENISES = HILARITY! Now your victim has the chore of getting a dustpan and broom or vacuum to clean up a mess of little penises in front of everyone.
  • GUARANTEED ABSOLUTELY ANONYMOUS. You can still leave a note for your friend by writing one in the “Add a Gift Note” section, at the bottom of your shopping cart. Your new enemy will probably be too angry to read it though.
  • THEY HAVE TO SIGN FOR IT IN PERSON. They’ll have to sit there signing a slip while the mailman silently judges them.
  • WE MAIL IT DIRECTLY TO THEM, so make sure you put in your target’s name and address - unless you really enjoy pranking your future self. No backsies if you send it to yourself!

Choose the Gift of Maximum Cringe

How often do you get to mess with people with just a few clicks? What a time to be alive!

------- INSTRUCTIONS -------

Make sure you select your target’s address

If you send it to yourself, we will laugh at you.

To leave them a note

Write one in the “Add a Gift Note” section (at the bottom of your shopping cart). We'll print out the note and include it in the package.

------ FAQ ------

Are you guys serious right now?

As serious as a tube of tiny dicks. Doing God’s work, people.

What if they open the glitter bomb from the wrong end?

We have sealed the non-glitter bomb end so they can't open it incorrectly. They are guaranteed to have a big sack of dicks unleashed all over the place.

How do you people sleep at night?

On a waterbed made of the tears of our prank targets.

My victim had to sign for it, but they weren’t home. Now What?

Now the real fun begins! Your victim will have to drive all the way to the post office where they will wait in line while everyone in town queues up behind them to watch them sign for this ridiculous adult package and have to walk out in shame! Genius, right!? And once they get home and open it, they’ll still have to clean up all those dicks!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your prank, just reach out to us through the messaging service and we'll respond within 24 hours to make it right even on weekends. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Happy Pranking!