For Rectal/Vaginal Use Only Stickers, 100 Pack

For Rectal/Vaginal Use Only Stickers, 100 Pack

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    Your order comes with a total of 50 cards, 10 copies of each joke.

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  • PRANK YOUR FRIENDS. Who wouldn’t appreciate you labelling their textbook for easy identification? What coworker wouldn’t love to find instructions attached to their sandwich in the community fridge?
  • GUARANTEED TO GET LAUGHS. Despite being a purely practical product, for some reason people seem to think it’s funny to stick them on my back, which is weird because I can be used in a variety of ways.
  • LABEL YOUR BELONGINGS CORRECTLY. Who hasn’t accidentally forgotten where their toothbrush goes? Never forget again with Witty Yeti’s “For Rectal & Vaginal Use Only” multipack of helpful stickers.
  • GREAT GAG GIFT FOR YOUR ANAL FRIENDS for someone with a more subdued, classical sense of humor. Also for people that like poop jokes.
  • SPREAD CHEER & KNOWLEDGE WHEREVER YOU GO. Educate & entertain random strangers with a helpfully placed For Vaginal Use Only sticker on that bottle of water, train schedule, or TV.

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